Septic Tank Pumping

Midwest can have your septic tank pumped of sludge in no time. Family-owned company has been providing a full range of septic tank services for more than a decade throughout the Joliet IL, region. Our services include maintenance tasks like pumping, repair, and installation of systems. Our trained technicians are highly skilled and have the know-how to efficiently maintain and repair your system. Pumping is a routine task for homeowners with septic systems. Our service is affordable and efficient.

Experts assert that you should have your septic tank cleaned every three years. If your household is large and busy, you may need to have this service performed every two years. If you like, our techs can measure the sludge accumulation between cleanings. This way, you’ll know about how often to have the task performed. During the routine pumping of your system, our technicians can also inspect your tank to make sure there is no damage or leaks that could compromise its effective operation.

Don’t wait until your toilets and showers are backed up.  Get your tank pumped before smelly problems arise and you find yourself not being able to flush, shower, do laundry, or even worse!  It’s recommended you and we can help.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • A quote that won’t change
  • No hidden fees
  • Experienced quality workmanship
  • Guaranteed pumping of all the content in the tank, not just the water
  • Expert advice on how to maintain your septic system
  • A guarantee of the services we provide

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